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21bf7867phenom1I am Dave Coffman, owner of Higher Calling Aviation. Welcome and thank you for considering my services. With over 30 years of aviation experience including both General Aviation and military flight experience, I offer experience as an aircraft asset manager, pilot, instructor and consultant who has assisted owner operators of the Embraer Phenom 300 and Phenom 100 with aircraft management, as well as training for beginning, advanced and professional pilots.

Whatever your aviation goals may be, I am available to assist you in the Phenom 300 as a Pilot in Command (PIC), Second in Command (SIC) or as a mentor pilot as well as with factory acceptance and delivery.

dsc_9725My main objective whenever I am flying is to fly as a safe, efficient pilot in command (PIC) or to assist you or your pilot as second-in-command (SIC). Additionally, as an instructor or mentor I will always strive to provide training that emphasizes safety first while developing pilots who are competent, confident and proficient. In over 6,000 hours of accident and incident-free flying, in the world’s highest-performance aircraft, my passion is still flying and I eagerly want to convey that passion to every aviator as well as those who are just starting their aviation career.


  • NBAA Certified Aviation Manager (CAM)
  • Airline Transport Pilot:  Single and Multi-Engine
  • Extensive jet and jet fighter experience including Phenom, F-16, T-37 and T-38
  • Embraer Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 type ratings
  • CE-510(S) type rating (Mustang)
  • Certified Flight Instructor: Single and Multi-Engine, Instrument
  • Over 6,000 hours, 5,500 jet, over 1,400 hours instructing in jets

Work Experience

  • Lt Col U.S. Air Force Retired
  • Squadron Commander, supervised over 50 pilots and a flying hour program of 4,000 sorties and 5,500 flight hours
  • Lead Solo, U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron Thunderbirds
  • Piloted the #5 F-16 in over 140 Airshows in the U.S., Europe and South America
  • Instructor and Flight Examiner (Check Airman) in F-16 and T-37
  • Over 30 years flying and instructing in U.S., Europe, Bahamas
  • Numerous pond crossings (Europe, U.S. and Pacific)

Awards & Achievements


  • Jet aircraft operations and transition
  • Single pilot IFR and Cockpit Resource Management
  • Autopilot and glass cockpit transition

Connect With Dave
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(904) 631-0153

Connect With Dave
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Dave Coffman talks services offered by Higher Calling Aviation and the Embraer Phenom 100 and 300

Dave Coffman flying a Phenom 300 in formation with the photo ship over Monument Valley

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