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Dave Coffman flying a Phenom 300 in formation with the photo ship over Monument Valley

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David understands and practices excellent customer service and always looks out for my needs ahead of his own and provides excellent instruction and service.
I would recommend Dave Coffman to anyone looking for a mentor/instructor where character, experience and the ability to communicate are important.
Flying with an instructor with the credentials of David Coffman is at the Pinnacle of Aviation training!
Dave knows his aircraft down to the last nut and bolt, and his knowledge of aviation rules and regulations is as thorough as anyone I’ve ever known.
 Flying myself, my wife and two small kids he has professionally and safely captained the Phenom to our destination on time on every flight.
Dave's calm, easy-going personality, decades of experience and willingness to assist with any task in order to make the trip successful made him a pleasure to work with.