"We frequently have a need for contract pilot services and the first on my list to call is Dave Coffman.  He's a seasoned professional who always puts our customers first with a friendly, "can-do" attitude.  I count on him to assist us during our busiest times because of his conscientious, safety-first approach"

NJ Corrente President, Nicholas Air

"I completed my Phenom 100 type-rating at my home airport, Aspen, in my airplane and had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with my instructor Dave Coffman.  Dave is an outstanding instructor; his easy-going personality, patient teaching style and decades of experience were a perfect fit for my training.  I've had a lot of instructors over the last 20 years to get me to my type rating and Dave was the most enjoyable and knowledgeable.  He's also a former Lt Colonel, F-16 Driver and Thunderbird pilot who won't tell you unless you ask.  Dave also trained two professional pilots for my plane who will be flying Part 135 and they loved working him after years at the big simulator schools".

Tony Sherman Aspen, CO

"Dave is an outstanding instructor and mentor, one of the most knowledgeable and safety oriented instructors I have ever flown with. His professionalism and superb instructional skills combined with an abundance of patience are a rare combination and helped me transition to the Phenom from my Cessna 340.  I highly recommend Dave."

D.D South Africa

“While taking delivery of our new Phenom 300,  Dave Coffman  successfully integrated our delivery and acceptance team, acting as both our “test”  pilot and mentor during the entire process,  helping the mission to become a complete success”.

Philippe Lacrosse Paris, France