Phenom 100 & Phenom 300 Recurrent Training


Approved by most underwriters, a two-day recurrent training curriculum provides a detailed systems review as well as practice for those maneuvers and procedures that may not have been flown since your last training event. Upon completion of the course and FAA Pt 61.58 proficiency check your training is complete for another 12 months. The training course and proficiency check may be completed in your aircraft at your home airport or at a location convenient for you.

All items in the Airman Certification Standards are covered to ATP type-rating proficiency standards during training.

The insurance-approved syllabus includes the following topics.

Phenom Recurrent Training – Day 1:

  • Detailed Systems Review
  • Emergency Procedures Review
  • Limitations Review
  • Performance Planning
  • Electronic Weight and Balance

Phenom Recurrent Training – Day 2:

  • Recent checklist / AFM/POH changes
  • Avionics differences, including WAAS / LPV approaches
  • Proficiency Check

We provide safe, efficient, insurance-approved Phenom training, at a fraction of the cost of a simulator-based event.

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Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 Contract Pilot Service

Available as PIC, SIC, short-term or long-term, please reach out and let me know how I can help you. I’ve assisted operators who are looking for a new pilot, on business or with family travel as well as picking up their new or pre-owned Phenom from the factory.

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