"I highly recommend the Phenom 300 aircraft acceptance, delivery and initial type-rating training and mentoring services offered by Dave Coffman.  Dave professionally navigated the pre-delivery process with Embraer to ensure my airplane was ready and on schedule.  He did the heavy-lifting, arriving a week early to perform the acceptance flight and overseeing the delivery inspection and closing process that allowed me to arrive the day before we flew out of San Jose Dos Campos, Brazil with my brand-new Phenom.  The type-rating training offered by Dave was a well thought-out process offering me a custom curriculum suited to my schedule and my pace.  His decades of experience matched with his calm personality and steady encouragement made for the most enjoyable type-rating training I have experienced and this after earning CJ-1, CJ-2 and Phenom 100 type ratings with the big-box simulator companies.  If you're considering Phenom 100 or 300 training in your airplane, make Dave your first call."

Lee Richards Charleston, SC

"I highly recommend the type rating training and aircraft acceptance and delivery services offered by Dave Coffman and Higher Calling Aviation.  While I had a great deal of previous jet experience prior to our training together, it had been awhile since my last type rating. Dave expertly guided me through his Phenom 300 curriculum in a thoughtful, meticulous approach that had me well prepared for my type check ride.  Additionally, Dave assisted me with the acceptance and delivery of two Phenom 300's and a Legacy 500 from the Embraer factory.  Dave's previous acceptance and delivery experience was invaluable to me and resulted in well-planned, efficient deliveries of all our aircraft.  If you are looking for Phenom training, acceptance or delivery, Dave should be your first call."

Steve Zerilli Chester, NY

Dave Coffman assisted us after the purchase and during the entry in to service of our Phenom 300, flying as both a PIC and mentor pilot during our transition. Dave was a great help and a pleasure to have around for both our flight department and passengers. He offers a wealth of knowledge on the Phenom operationally and provides excellent customer service and a great value. I highly recommend Dave and Higher Calling Aviation.

Randy Robertson Chief Pilot, Morris Multimedia, Savannah, GA

It is my pleasure to recommend Dave Coffman and Higher Calling Aviation.  Dave was the right person at the right time to assist our flight department during our transition from the King Air 350 to the Phenom 300.  His knowledge of the Phenom and his ability to effectively and efficiently pass on his operational experience gave our flight department the confidence to safely and professionally fly customers within a week of completing our training with Dave.  While our training with Dave ended awhile ago, he has made himself available as a resource when we've had questions on the airplane. Dave Coffman was the right choice for my flight department and I highly recommend his services.

Rick Boyer Manager of Aviation, Columbia, SC

I offer my highest recommendation for the pilot and mentor services offered by Dave Coffman and Higher Calling Aviation.  Dave came highly recommended to me by the firm that managed the Phenom 300 for the previous owner and he was the perfect fit in personality and ability.  Dave's experience in the Phenom, his knowledge of the airplane and ability to pass on that knowledge to our flight department in an efficient, professional manner was a great value and instrumental in bringing us up to speed in order to use the airplane to its fullest potential as soon as possible. 

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Dave to any and all who would inquire.  Whether an owner operator, or an established flight department of a Fortune 500 company, he will tailor safe and efficient standard operating procedures to suit your needs. 

George Belmont
Chief Pilot, Tractor and Equipment Company, Birmingham, AL

We needed a mentor pilot after our simulator type-training and Dave Coffman came highly recommended from our training provider as an outstanding Phenom 300 instructor offering entry into service and mentoring. In a word, Dave was superb. He is truly a professional CFI that understands his "audience" and their level of experience and the level of input needed based on their background. He came up with a training plan that was a perfect fit for myself and our other two pilots, two of us with military test backgrounds. I highly recommend the pilot services offered by Dave Coffman.

Dan Johnson Lt Col, USMC Ret., Flight Dept Manager, Frontline Insurance Lake Mary, FL

"I offer my highest recommendation for Dave Coffman's pilot services.  Dave provided my initial type training in the Phenom 100 and flew several missions as mentor pilot.  In a word, Dave is "outstanding"; he's patient and reduces cockpit stress.  Moving up from a Baron to a light jet was a bit intimidating at first, but Dave's years of providing jet instruction and his professionalism as an instructor and mentor were the right fit, allowing me to complete my training at a comfortable pace that fit perfectly with my busy work schedule".

Philip Ufkes Sullivans Island, SC

"David is truly in the top fraction of 1% of pilots and people.  To achieve and earn the ability to fly USAF fighter jets puts a pilot in the top fraction of 1% of all pilots but to even top that by earning the privilege to fly as the Lead Solo for the USAF Thunderbirds puts David in the top fraction of USAF fighter pilots--the best in the world.  As my primary instructor and mentor and now as a contract First Officer in my Phenom 100, David understands and practices excellent customer service and always looks out for my needs ahead of his own and provides excellent instruction and service.  I trust him explicitly with my aircraft and my family.  He often flies my aircraft single-pilot, either to position it to pick up my family and I or to the Embraer facility for maintenance. Dave is a career aviator with a distinguished record of achievement that is truly exceptional.  Dave has taken the best practices from his 2,300 hours of Air Force single-pilot F-16 experience as both an instructor and evaluator (check airman) and transferred those techniques to his instruction in the Phenom and Mustang.  I strongly recommend David to anyone seeking an instructor, contract pilot and or mentor pilot to assist them as they seek their single-pilot rating in the Phenom or any jet."

W.G. Las Vegas, NV

"Dave and I picked up my new Phenom 100 in June of 2010.  I have enjoyed 500 fun and educational hours of flying with Dave. He came highly recommended to me as a great mentor pilot and hard worker. My expectations have been completely fulfilled. Flying myself, my wife and two small kids he has professionally and safely captained the Phenom to our destination on time on every flight.

Finally, I now count Dave as a good friend as has the highest morals and ethics..... good traits if your sharing the cockpit for hours at altitude. I have never flown with a finer pilot."

L.R. Charleston, SC

"My thanks to Dave for his assistance in the delivery of our Phenom 300 from the factory in Brazil.  Dave's acceptance and delivery experience was invaluable to me.  His insight in to the delivery process as well as his operational knowledge of the Phenom saved me many hours I would have spent tracking down items that were not addressed nor delivered by Embraer prior to leaving Brazil without Dave's direction.  I highly recommend Dave's services."

J.B. Chicago, IL

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